Meet and Interact for Real, From Anywhere on the Globe.

MindArk's Business-VR solution is a unique platform that makes it possible for professionals to meet for real in Virtual Reality. It is a form of meeting that is perceived much stronger and more immersive than any traditional telephone or video conference.

The platform is already active and has been hosting meetings for professionals since June 2017.

MindArk Business-VR solution is a meeting form that professionals will experience as a real alternative to traveling and meeting in physical locations.

MindArk Business-VR supports a multitude of use cases stretching from meetings, workshops, presentations, conferences, education and medical & well being needs.


Designed to Meet Your Needs

The MindArk Business-VR solution is a multi user platform that enables people with a broadband internet connection to meet at a location together with colleagues, business partners or other business people.

The VR meeting location is a virtual place that is customized according to the specific needs of the particular meeting, presentation, conference, education, etc. It is a multi-user environment that will make up to 100 people come together, virtually relocating to the meetings venue from anywhere in the world.

Your personal representation in the VR location is the Avatar. Your Avatar can be customized to resemble an appearance that makes you comfortable in your professional role.

Meeting other individuals in Virtual Reality is only going to be a pleasant experience if care has been taken to how you and your personality is reflected in the VR environment. For this reason particular effort has been spent to make sure that you perceive sound from the individuals that you meet inside in such a way that you will soon forget that you are wearing a VR-HMD and is not actually at that location.

Your head and hand movements, lips, and eyes are also realistically represented in a comfortable way. All these parts are combined in such a way that you, a professional, will perceive this reality an alternative to be just as good as the real thing.


Accessible From Both VR and Regular Flat Screens

Well aware of that at least 30% of humans are susceptible to motion sickness in today's VR headsets it is important to offer both the full immersive Virtual Reality, based on full fledged HMD:s like HTC Vive and Oculus stretching to mobile light weight devices like Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR, as well as the traditional flat screen experience on any iOS, Android, Windows or OS X device.


Project Progress

Monthly Breakdown of the Project So Far

  • ​May 2017 – Project Started
  • June 2017 – First Virtual meeting held between two physical locations, based on the HTC Vive technology
  • July 2017 – Weekly project meetings between Göteborg, Sweden and Lviv, Ukraine held in a Virtual location.
    Platforms supported; HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Personalized Avatars with lipsync and movements coordinated with HMD (Head Mounted Device) and hand-controller(s)
  • August 2017 – All project meetings have moved into a Virtual Meeting Location. The meeting location is comprised of both a lounge area where people can have meetings and discussions and an auditorium, where presentations can be held to a larger audience.
  • September 2017 – Mobile platforms are now supported, Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR, both with a hand controler.
    Three months of Virtual meetings already!


Use Cases


We are well aware that different VR meeting applications will require different features. However we are convinced that there is a core of functionality and features that must be fulfilled to provide a truly immersive VR meeting experience in any setting. These are:

  • Avatar Movement and interaction
  • Voice/audio - 3D positional / Voice proximity
  • Lip sync and body language
  • Accessible from Mac/PC and Smartphones
  • Private individual user notes
  • Full presentation functionality with rich media material (PPT, Video, etc)


The core features will be sufficient to host successful business meetings in Virtual Reality. On top of the above mentioned feature set we believe that there are some particular requirements needed when having workshops, like the opportunity to import, display and explore 3D-models for review and presentation.

A slightly different application would be Conference/seminar environments. In this setting it will be important to offer private conversations between individuals, host hundreds of participants and to have an easy and convenient way to moderate Q&A sessions.


The next area that we believe will benefit immensely from this platform is education. Having the opportunity to participate and listen to world known experts in a particular subject, not having to travel the world to do so is a huge improvement for both the environment and for personal life.

Education in VR will never replace the physical meeting unless the experience is as good, or better than the regular classroom or auditorium. We believe that the features listed above implemented in MindArks solution will meet or even exceed even the best educational classroom or auditoriums. As an added benefit we see that the capacity for educational VR sessions may increase well beyond the physical limits of these venues and ultimately host thousands of participants.

Healtcare & Life Science

Furthermore, we are exploring how MindArks VR solution could increase the quality of patient and doctor meetings in the booming online medical market.

Another area within healthcare & life science where we see a need for our feature rich VR is for patients to meet friends and family. An easily accessible format that accepts both VR and flat screens can reduce the distance experienced in regular voice and video connections.


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Press release announced October 2017.